One could exist, just breathe and live,
Do what needs to be done.
Or one could live a splendid life,
That adds an awe, a stun.

One could only do as much,
That’s required to get through.
Well, that is how I would be,
But that is just not you.

You never let anything be,
A piece of trifling.
You live life as a piece of art
With a splash of zeal and zing.

You are not a one-strain melody,
One tune would not suffice.
You are here to inspire and elevate,
Captivate and entice.

A music for passive listening,
No, that is not your role.
You enrich, nurture and nourish
And grip the mind and soul.

You are an exquisite symphony
The finest of all arts,
A startling device that balances
A thousand moving parts.

Music can survive and just exist,
And lie there straight or curled.
With you around, even a wonted piece,
Yearns to sound out of the world.

You jazz it up, you spice it all,
You make it bloom and thrive.
A thousand strains, rich, poignant,
Make all life come alive.

No instrument wants to sound off-key,
In this surreal composition.
No instrument dare be out of tune,
In this unmatched precision.

Each instrument that is fortunate,
To be part of this splendour.
Strives to be at its best,
Display its full grandeur.

They ensure they are well prepared,
They ensure there’s no glitch.
They ensure they are in perfect tune,
And strike at perfect pitch.

You don’t just exist, you make this life,
A beautiful expression.
By just being there, by just being you,
You inspire perfection.