With the California Senate and Governor Gavin Newsom almost certain to approve California Assembly Bill 101, California will soon become the official center for the promotion of racism within the United States. No longer known as the Golden State, home to the dreamers of Hollywood, the tech geniuses of Silicon Valley, the rough-and-tumble Cowboys of the prairies, or the hard-working farmers of the Central Valley, or even the tanned surfers and beachcombers of the coast or the Hippies of Haight Ashbury. From now on, California’s legacy will be a caste of social classes determined by your skin color, ethnic origin, and sexual activities, with each group fighting to be recognized as the most “marginalized” or victimized or disempowered in order to gain status over the others.

From now on, California’s legacy will be a caste of social classes determined by your skin color, ethnic origin, and sexual activities…

After nearly two years of controversy and debate, California finally approved in March its “model curriculum” for ethnic studies to be taught at public and charter schools throughout the state. Following more than 80,000 public comments, the document went through a compromise, with various groups arguing that they were, in fact, more oppressed, more marginalized, more victimized, less powerful than others. Ironically, the “least powerful” identity groups wield the most power in California, and their agendas won.

The original proposal was slightly worse than the current version, if there can actually be a way to rank two horrific doctrines, but Jewish groups in particular pressed to have changes such as including a history of anti-Semitism and toning down the anti-Israel rhetoric. But this effort was like watering down Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book or the Ku Klux Klan’s Kloran or The Protocols of the Elders of Zion or Hitler’s Mein Kampf. You can’t lessen the impact of something that is, at its core, evil.

Although the curriculum is not mandatory, several major school districts are actually adopting the original plan rather than the revised one, advised by the Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Institute, which not surprisingly sounds like an organization created by the Soviet Politburo or the North Korean Central Committee. But regardless of which plan a school district adopts, that only means that the details of the lessons may differ. In every case, schools will be teaching California children that white people are inherently bad. That black people are victims. That illegal immigrants need our acceptance. That capitalism is bad. That hard work is “white.” That Jews and Asians and Indians are actually “white” because of their success in America and are to be despised. That the American constitutional republic was created to support slavery and must be dismantled.

What’s happening now happened in China, and in only three decades led to the murder of millions of people and nearly destroyed one of the oldest civilizations on the planet.

These evil ideologies are being integrated into all of our children’s subjects, even math and science. This is the Cultural Revolution; make no mistake. The proponents of CRT will not only cancel those with whom they disagree, they will kill if necessary, as some state openly, and as Antifa and BLM attempt in Democrat-controlled “progressive” cities. The adherents to CRT truly believe that those who are not on their side are evil. Just like Nazis believed it. Just like Soviet Communists believed it. Just like the Chinese Red Guard who used the same exact rhetoric to purge remnants of capitalism and traditional elements from Chinese society by murdering industrialists, the wealthy, the highly educated, professionals, and anyone else who represented those supposedly responsible for the evils of society. The irony is that like all of these groups, it is the CRT proponents who are dividing society into classes while destroying our culture and our values. Ask anyone from the former Soviet Union and they will tell you this new woke culture with its roots in California and support within the Democrat-controlled government is exactly the same as the Communist Party they grew up with. And escaped. Ask anyone from mainland China who grew up during the Cultural Revolution. Or better yet, read a personal account in the book Really Enough by my friend Margaret Zhao for a personal perspective of how what’s happening now happened in China, and in only three decades led to the murder of millions of people and nearly destroyed one of the oldest civilizations on the planet.

Of all the left-wing developments of the past decade or two, and especially in the last year, none has been as troubling as this one. None has been a more significant sign that evil has spread throughout our communities in America and now pervades the systems of power: politics, business, entertainment, and our educational system. Parents have the ability to stop this. They need to take their children out of public schools, whatever the cost, to stop this systematic brainwashing. Voters need to elect politicians who will defund the teachers’ unions, not the police. Consumers must stop spending money on products from companies that promote critical race theory. We must stop idolizing and supporting athletes and entertainers who promote these evil ideologies. We must elect leaders who will ban the teaching of this anti-American ideology in public schools, government offices, and especially in our military.

The time for action is now. This ideological virus, much worse than COVID, has invaded our cultural body and is destroying it from within. It has infiltrated our government, our entertainment, our industries, our colleges, and now our elementary schools. It is entirely opposed to American values. We must stop it now. At all costs. If it is not already too late.

Bob Zeidman is the creator of the field of software forensics and the founder of several successful high-tech Silicon Valley firms, including Zeidman Consulting and Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering. His latest venture is Good Beat Poker. He is the author of textbooks on engineering and intellectual property as well as screenplays and novels. His latest novel is the political satire Good Intentions.