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The Sound of the Divine

April 2024:In this write-up, we explore the world of Rudra Veena with one of its greatest contemporary exponents, Vidushi Jyoti Hegde. Jyoti Hegde is the first female exponent of this grandiose instrument.
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The Strings of the Divine: Orchestrating the Cosmos

February 2024:J. Robert Oppenheimer carried a huge fascination for the Indian scripture “Bhagvad Gita.” Looking at the fireball of the explosion of the test nuclear bomb, Trinity, he exclaimed a quote from the book: “Now I am become the Death, the destroyer of worlds.” (Video reference) Oppenheimer was not the only scientist of the modern era […]
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The Flow of Divine

January 2024:Jayeeta has woven disparate yarns of themes, stories and movements which are very Indian and very Kathak, with the surreality of Western classical music to create a confluence which is absolutely sacred.
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A Journey into Indian Art + Spirituality

September 2023:In Indian spiritualism, you just can't escape God. Even turning away from God is a path to God. A total disbelief in and denial of an anthropomorphic form of God is a valid path to God too. In the Hindu point of view, you cannot escape God because, God is all there is.
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