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The Power of Dissent

April 2024:Dissent is intolerable to tyrants. Yet, such regimes have been romanticized by too many: Western leftists, including Jews, feminists, academics, gays, and government officials--the whole bleeding lot of them.
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The Elegance of True Non-Conformity

April 2024:It is not uncommon for Jihadis to create an international outrage, debate, and narrative around human rights, brotherhood, right to religion, etc. They get people engaged in loud debates around these while they silently indulge in their favorite hobbies of severing heads and blasting bombs.
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To Hold Together: Meaning, Anti-Semitism, + “Us”

April 2024:If today’s ascendent Islamic supremacism is more openly anti-Jewish than Nazism, more misogynist than the “patriarchal West” at its worst, sexually repressive beyond any church or cult, and imperialistic in its very self-definition, it has counted on the complicity of what philosophy superstar Judith Butler proudly identifies as the anti-racist, anti-sexist, pro-queer, anti-imperialist “progressive global left.”
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Harmony of the Soul

May 2021:Marley believed he was that Cornerstone. We all are. We will all be rejected, dejected, and cast aside at some point. These moments of vulnerability often sway even the most faithful among us. But when you realize your worth is bestowed upon you by God and put your faith into practice through commitment or song, that creates harmony of the soul.
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The New American Rebel Seeks the Truth

August 2021:The American rebel is asking questions, the American rebel is pushing back, the American rebel is doing this against the concerted effort of being silenced, attacked, and targeted for cancellation by the Woke mob and their allies in Big Tech, government, and the media.
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Go Find Alice

November 2021:Greater even than the loss of lives through Covid Times is the loss of freedom for the generations that follow. Were freedom to extinguish, then the souls lost have died in vain.
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First Day of School

November 2021:I am convinced now that the Soviet Union ultimately won the Cold War without firing a single shot at its mortal enemy. This phenomenon of radical indoctrination arrived at the doorsteps of my beloved, adopted country after the collapse of the USSR.
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Only the Brave Write History

February 2021:In 1942, a group of students at the University of Munich formed an intellectual resistance group called WeiBe Rose—White Rose. The group’s aim: to tell the world what the Nazis were doing. Led by Hans Scholl, his sister Sophie, Alexander Schmorell, and Christopher Probst, the group sent letters around the world, dropped leaflets throughout Germany, […]
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The Radical Liberal

February 2021:To David Grossman There are many causes for the rediscovery in our time of the love of dictatorship, for the heartbreaking revival of the preference for what a sixteenth-century French thinker perplexedly called “voluntary servitude.” Some of those causes are economic, but not all of them. We are witnessing also an intellectual convulsion. Not an […]
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