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Is Israel Committing Genocide in Gaza?

April 2024:Hamas, as a triumphalist idea of ridding the world of Israel and Jews, may never be defeated. But it’s at least possible that it can be roundly defeated as an armed entity aiming its Iran-supplied weapons at the heart of Israel. Hamas as an idea, like the Hydra, may grow more heads when its head is cut off. But those heads, without a body—a functional infrastructure of war—will be de-fanged.
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Israel at War II

October 2023:“Palestine” does not exist. The English word “Palestine” comes from the Latin Palaestina, the name the emperor Hadrian gave to the Land of Israel after the Romans crushed the Second Jewish Revolt in 135 c.e.
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Israel at War

October 2023:Israel is under attack from the Gaza Strip by a terrorist group called Hamas, funded by Iran and Qatar. Both Iran and Qatar have publicly made clear that they wish to destroy Israel. Hamas has killed hundreds of Jewish civilians.
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Phantom Fantasia in the Middle East

September 2022:There never has been an Arab nation-state called Palestine. At the time of Israel’s founding, in 1948, the word Palestinian did not describe a distinct Arab people. In fact, the word itself was created by the Ancient Romans, and they were referring to Jews, not Arabs.
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A Genealogy of the Idea of ‘Palestine’

September 2022:Despite Arab claims to the contrary, contemporary “Palestinians” have no historical connection to either the land conquered by the Philistines, nor Canaan more generally, as their forbearers largely remained within the Arabian Peninsula until shortly after the death of Muhammad in 632 CE.
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Palestinianism as Counter-Myth + Islamist Cloak

September 2022:The truest thing that can be said about Palestinianism is this: if not for Zionism, Palestinianism would not exist—namely, the reconstitution of the national home of the Jewish people. And where Zionism is the spontaneous national liberation movement of a people whose connection to the land predates antiquity and modernity alike, Palestinianism was imposed upon Arabs who resided in what was once the colony of Palestine.
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Palestinianism: an Ideology + an Identity

September 2022:Palestinianism as an ideology is in a certain way like Marxism or Scientology. When Palestinianists are confronted with clear-cut facts (like the historical and archaeological evidence of the presence of Jews in the land for thousands of years), they nevertheless find it possible to deny or ignore them.
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BDS on Campus

September 2022:professors are openly voicing their thoughts on Israel, using their positions to become political advocates and shame Israel and students who support it. This creates an environment of fear and suppression, where students cannot voice their own opinions due to their grades taking a severe hit or being ostracized and labeled as racist and complicit in genocide.
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Time to De-Normalize ‘Palestinianism’

July 2022:Honest journalists, professors, and politicians need to begin pointing out: there never was a country called “Palestine.” Israel is not a “settler, colonial” state occupied by “white Europeans.” Jews hail from Judea and are indigenous to the land of Israel. Despite centuries of persecution, we have remained a people, a nation, an ethnicity—which is not “white,” European, or “privileged.”
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SJP: Lies and Toxic Radicalism

May 2022:Because they have been relentless in promulgating activism that attacks the Jewish state and anyone who supports it, SJP often finds itself defending its rhetoric and tactics from understandable criticism it receives from pro-Israel individuals and groups—invariably with SJP claiming to be victimized by “Islamophobic” Zionists who, SJP contends, are trying to silence “criticism of Israel.”
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Jewish Leaders Must Counter Islamist Supremacism

May 2022:If the Jewish community’s greatest allies within Muslim and Arab populations are in fact the “modern,” “liberal” reformers who stand up within our own faith and ethnic communities against the anti-Semitic, Islamist, and Arabist demagogues—then they must be supported and augmented, not marginalized.
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The Pinch Point is Upon Us

May 2022:Things have gotten worse. That’s undeniable. The spirit of Haman has gotten stronger over the years and it’s a stain on the honor of the American republic and a threat to our future. We’re at a ‘We know not Joseph’ moment.
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Reclaiming Judean Identity: A Decolonization Plan

July 2021:“Palestinianism” — the complete erasure of Judean identity—has now centered itself in the woke regime. Examples run from teachers’ unions boycotting the one Jewish state to the firing of a black Jewish diversity officer because she dared to condemn anti-Semitism. Want to watch the U.S. and Israeli flags burn simultaneously? Skip a trip to Tehran […]
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Why Martin Luther King Jr Stood With Israel

May 2021:In Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Dr. King used the analogy of Hitler’s persecution of the Jewish people to explain his willingness to disobey unjust laws. In his analogy, he also revealed his empathy for the Jewish people and his assurance that he would have tended to their plight.
  We should never forget that everything […]
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The Big Lie

May 2021:Words are anything but harmless. There are always consequences to choosing them. The stakes can be high—even lethal. A figure of speech is easily weaponized.
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