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Judean Ethnicity

Judeans: Faith + Ethnicity

January 2024:It is often ignored that Jerusalem is also the national ethnic center of the Jewish people. Whereas Christianity and Islam’s attachments to Jerusalem are only religious, there is a dual Jewish religious and national-ethnic attachment to the city. Jerusalem has been the national capital of the Jewish people for 3,000 years and continues to serve as the capital of the modern State of Israel.
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Ethnicity But Not Ethnocentric

January 2024:to be a Jew goes beyond just your DNA. While no Jew can ever stop being a Jew according to our tradition and Jewish law, there are some basic minimums each Jew must uphold to be considered a Jew who is still part of the community.
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In the Image of a Hand

January 2024:My mother told me that the Jewish people are like a hand because I asked her why she was crying. “You see my hand,” she said. “If I cut one of my fingers, where do you feel the pain?” I must have said, “the entire hand,” because this is when she told me that the Jewish people are like one hand; that if the Jewish people are hurting in Israel, we hurt everywhere.
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Video: Halleluya

January 2024:In honor of my Grandfather Stephan Igra and his brothers and sisters. Each of them deserve recognition and respect for their actions during the war in Warsaw. Where they "lived" outside of the Ghetto. I say "lived" because it's nothing we can ever imagine. Some were in hiding being shuffled to different safe houses, others were fighting for the underground. I say Thank you and Halleluyah...for I am because of you!
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Time to De-Normalize ‘Palestinianism’

July 2022:Honest journalists, professors, and politicians need to begin pointing out: there never was a country called “Palestine.” Israel is not a “settler, colonial” state occupied by “white Europeans.” Jews hail from Judea and are indigenous to the land of Israel. Despite centuries of persecution, we have remained a people, a nation, an ethnicity—which is not “white,” European, or “privileged.”
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Reclaiming Judean Identity: A Decolonization Plan

July 2021:“Palestinianism” — the complete erasure of Judean identity—has now centered itself in the woke regime. Examples run from teachers’ unions boycotting the one Jewish state to the firing of a black Jewish diversity officer because she dared to condemn anti-Semitism. Want to watch the U.S. and Israeli flags burn simultaneously? Skip a trip to Tehran […]
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