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Israel at War II

October 2023:“Palestine” does not exist. The English word “Palestine” comes from the Latin Palaestina, the name the emperor Hadrian gave to the Land of Israel after the Romans crushed the Second Jewish Revolt in 135 c.e.
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Israel at War

October 2023:Israel is under attack from the Gaza Strip by a terrorist group called Hamas, funded by Iran and Qatar. Both Iran and Qatar have publicly made clear that they wish to destroy Israel. Hamas has killed hundreds of Jewish civilians.
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First Learn, Then Never Forget

March 2021:As a middle school student in a New York City public school, I couldn’t help but notice that while we’ve learned about many important events throughout history and relevant current events, we never once stopped to talk about the Holocaust or the rise of anti-Semitism. The Holocaust was arguably the largest genocide in human history, […]
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