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Hap Aziz

The Path of Personal Transcendence

February 2023:Looking in from the outside, by many measures, my life has been a failure—an example of unrealized potential resulting from poor (or at least questionable) decisions. But the point of examining one’s own life is to reflect on the events and situations spawned from those decisions and at least try to learn some meaningful lessons from them. If the lessons are valuable, then what appeared to be failure actually may be success.
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Eternal Wisdom

July 2022:The cultivation of wisdom requires dialogue. That can be dialogue between self and others. Or it can be dialogue between present self and past self. And that requires a bit of time travel and self-awareness.
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Thoughts and Prayers

June 2022:For nearly a decade now, there has been a growing pushback, especially among partisans from the left, against the utterance of the phrase “thoughts and prayers.” According to these voices, thoughts and prayers do not constitute appropriate action nor drive effective change.
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On Being a Gentleman

February 2022:I never like having a conversation about language in which I come up on the wrong side of C.S. Lewis. This is going to be one of those times:  In his book Mere Christianity, Lewis writes The word gentleman originally meant something recognisable; one who had a coat of arms and some landed property. When you called […]
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Wisdom in the Age of Chaos

August 2021:In many ways, The Unbroken Thread is a book of paradoxes, with the central paradox being that the traditions of structure and restraint are the very keys to freedom and growth for the human experience in both body and spirit.
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