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Ben Poser

Ben Poser is executive editor of White Rose Magazine, executive director of the American Anti-Slavery Group, and research director for the Jewish Leadership Project. His articles have been featured in The Algemeiner, FrontPage Magazine, The Jerusalem Post, JNS, and Tablet. He holds a degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History from Brandeis University.

‘Die by Suicide’: Averting an American Nightmare

October 2023:The politics of hate, demonization of the opposition, and grievances can animate and mobilize political armies for a number of years, but they do nothing to form a common national vision and identity on which future generations can build. They lead us to the precipice of a second Civil War.
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Instaporn at Auschwitz

July 2023:The callousness of making a pilgrimage to the site of so many innocents’ suffering in order to glorify oneself is a form of narcissism perhaps unprecedented in the history of human barbarism.
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