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Ben Poser

Ben Poser is executive editor of White Rose Magazine, executive director of the American Anti-Slavery Group, and research director for the Jewish Leadership Project. His articles have been featured in the Algemeiner, American Thinker, FrontPage Magazine, Israel National News, Jerusalem Post, JNS, and Tablet. He holds a degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History from Brandeis University.

Judean Roots, Judean Fruit

January 2024:Despite colonization, massacre, dispersion, and genocide, the Jews reside today as then in their ancient home, speaking their ancient language, and clinging with heroism and righteousness to their ancient religion.
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Insufficient Zeal for the Jihad

April 2024:Little did 17-year-old me know, however, that standard college acting curriculum in first-rate art colleges included lewd, anti-Semitic screeds against the country in which they stood, received with all the solemnity of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).
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Hamas Did Not Invent Jihad

March 2024:Sadly for the same Western media which constantly blame Israel for its enemies’ depravity, the post-9/11 love affair with the “greater” and “personal” jihad is supported by neither the Islamic sources nor historical fact.
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Jewish Assimilation Never Works

January 2024:Jews, put bluntly, are not in need of the nations’ failed ideas. This is to say that Judaism, while open-minded and welcoming, is an entity unto itself, and does not require fundamental transformation.
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‘Die by Suicide’: Averting an American Nightmare

October 2023:The politics of hate, demonization of the opposition, and grievances can animate and mobilize political armies for a number of years, but they do nothing to form a common national vision and identity on which future generations can build. They lead us to the precipice of a second Civil War.
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Instaporn at Auschwitz

July 2023:The callousness of making a pilgrimage to the site of so many innocents’ suffering in order to glorify oneself is a form of narcissism perhaps unprecedented in the history of human barbarism.
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