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Galit Dahan-Carlibach

Galit Dahan-Carlibach was born and raised in Sderot, Ashdod, and Jerusalem. She has published six novels, two young adult books, and travel literature. Her literary achievements have been highly praised over the years: the ACUM Prize (2013), the Prime Minister Prize for Hebrew Writers (2014), a scholarship for the International Writing Program in Shanghai, a Fulbright Foundation Scholarship, the Israeli National Library for Young Writers’ Pardes Scholarship, a nomination for the Sapir Prize, and more. Her latest book, Under the Sign of Orphan, was published in 2023 by Achuzat Bait Publishing.

The Eye of God

April 2024:The patch of grass in my heart gets caught on the rough edges of my soul, and a terrible, silent nothingness takes over. Even my eyes aren’t working properly. My eyes used to generate tears on command.
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