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Michael Goldstein

Michael Goldstein is a Los Angeles journalist and playwright. His latest play, THE HECKLER’S VETO, is a drama about the cost of free speech on a college campus.

I Went To Synagogue Today

February 2022:You won’t be a target sitting on your comfortable couch. But Jews have died sanctifying the Holy Name for more than two thousand years. For so many to hide from a virus with a low mortality rate seems an abandonment. 
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Star Trek’s Soul on Display at Los Angeles Exhibit

December 2021:Does Star Trek have a Jewish soul—or at least a humanistic one? Seekers may find confirmation in a new museum show, Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds, at a Jewish institution, the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. The show will run through February 20, 2022. While you will have to bring your own interpretation to […]
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