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Avi Goldwasser

Avi Goldwasser is a social activist and film producer. He is a co-founder of The David Project, which was established to support Jewish students on campus. He has served on the Board of Directors of several Jewish organizations including the American Jewish Committee in Boston and the Boston JCRC (Jewish Community Relations Council). Goldwasser has produced several films, including the award-winning documentary The Forgotten Refugees; and several campus-related films including Columbia Unbecoming and Hate Spaces: The Politics of Intolerance on Campus.

Strong Jewish Leaders in the Modern Era

May 2022:The most lethal anti-Semitism results from tribal politics. Today in America, tribal conflict is labeled “identity politics.” Christian pogroms, Islamic Jihad, and Nazi extermination camps all made the role of Jewish leadership a near- impossible task of mostly minimizing the casualties. Even so, despite their perennially beleaguered condition, the Jewish people have produced some amazingly strong leaders.
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Seeing the Sound of New York: The Photography of William Meyers

May 2022:The theme of Meyers’s recent collection, Music New York, hung in a jewel box of an exhibit at New York City’s Art@840Masion, are the people involved in playing music in the many different settings that life in a big city allows. The reach is from downtown to Harlem and the boroughs, letting us witness a wide array of encounters.
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Introduction to White Rose Essays

May 2022:We have spent the last decades fighting our “external enemies,” but we no longer believe that the community can prevail against the surge of anti-Semitism without the full resources of the Jewish community.
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