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Jennifer Richmond

Jennifer Richmond, an International Relations Specialist, supports liberalism and universal values and believes that we are at our best when protecting individual rights and freedoms. She worked in international relations for over 20 years, focusing on global geopolitics, intelligence, and East Asian policy, before turning her attention and cross-cultural skills towards the most polarizing issues within the United States and beyond. She is dedicated to learning how to communicate on difficult and polarizing issues, in good faith, to develop citizens (and herself) in building a strong and diverse community for democracy to thrive. Jennifer and co-author W. F. Twyman, Jr. have recently released their book, Letters in Black & White: A New Correspondence on Race in America.

Authoritarian Angst

September 2023:Our fears of a creeping authoritarianism are not just a spasm. Both the left and the right have become embroiled in Orwellian tactics to curb speech and censor those with whom they disagree.
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