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Moshe Katz

Light after Darkness

October 2021:Darkness swirls like a stormRapid and relentless, consuming Passage of time blurredBy monotony stretched endlessly It’s easy to lose one’s wayLike a boat with water far as the eye can see Every day a survivalOne after another Not unlike a weary stranded travelerSimply putting one foot before another Exhausted yet holding onAttempting not to fall […]
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A Seed Planted

March 2021:A quiet voice whisperedSo faint it might have been carried on an autumn breeze Even as the winter of tyrannyDrove life into dormancy Defiantly and resolutelyThe voice would not be silenced The threat was not to be mistakenEver present and clear as a summer day It was in the face of such great evilThat one […]
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