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Naya Lekht

Naya Lekht is a scholar on contemporary anti-Semitism and works with the Jewish community to enhance pride and education in the history of the Jewish people and the Arab-Israeli conflict. In addition to her interest in the history of anti-Semitism, Naya likewise writes and teaches about Soviet history. In 2022, Naya was a guest educator for the National Teachers' Seminar at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, where she taught a cohort of teachers on the topic of Soviet literature and film. She holds a Ph.D. from UCLA, where she wrote about Holocaust literature in the Soviet Union, where she was born.

In the Age of the Influencer

July 2023:Curiosity compelled man to know more and reach outside of oneself. Conversely, in the age of the influencer, we are retreating further and further into the self. The worship of the ego paramount in selfies, filtered videos, and numbers of followers is taking us further from the pursuit of truth.
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