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Laure Levy

Laure Levy is a writer, author, filmmaker and life scientist who formerly wrote, and advised government, on health policy. Her award winning film "My Grandmother’s Sitting Room" documents the life and times of her German Jewish family under the Nazis. Currently, she serialises this story, whilst also discussing Tyranny: Past and Present on laurelevy.substack.com

Hallmarks of Tyranny (2)

January 2022:Part 2: Brainwashing The ultimate goal of totalitarianism, Arendt says, is to dominate people from within. To keep them in a constant state of anxiety, with a moving narrative. A section of the UK population, and in other liberal democracies, experience other citizens as unreachable when trying to open a discussion about Covid-19 policy. They […]
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Hallmarks of Tyranny

November 2021:Part 1 : Division If “Never Again” means “Never Again,” it’s necessary to spot the signs that might indicate democracy is threatened. Totalitarian regimes arise with certain dynamics, and if we do not understand these signals, how do we protect hard won freedoms? And when trigger warnings appear that might be red flags for a […]
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