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Nili Ivan

Nili Ivan is a high school student in Orlando, Florida, and the great-granddaughter of Holocaust survivors. An alum of the Alexander Muss High School in Israel semester program (Fall 2020), she is also a Tikvah Scholar and Forum member, and a counselor in her local Tsofim (Israeli scouts) chapter.


January 2022:I can feel my body weakening The weariness accompanying every step The stubbornness of my frozen joints My body is failing me
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February 2022:I am from Poland From the town of Przemyśl Where my family has lived For generations
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March 2022:I supposeThat most peopleHave nothing to doWith the death of their family membersThey die of natural causesOr things beyond the grasp or controlOf human beings I am not most people I have to liveEvery day with the factThat most of my family was murderedBecause I failed to save themBecause I couldn’t convince themTo flee PolandBefore […]
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