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Jake Novak

Jake Novak has been the executive producer of financial news TV programs, an editorial columnist, podcaster, and political analyst for 28 years. He's created successful shows including CNN's “In the Money” program with Jack Cafferty and Varney and Company at FOX Business. He was also an executive producer and senior editorial columnist at CNBC for six years. With his additional expertise on the Middle East, Jake is currently wrapping up a one-and-half year stint working at the Israeli consulate in New York, promoting economic and cultural partnerships between Israel, its new Arab partners in the region, and the United States. Jake has a B.A. from Columbia University and a Masters in Journalism from Northwestern. He is also the father of two teen girls.

Ethnicity But Not Ethnocentric

January 2024:to be a Jew goes beyond just your DNA. While no Jew can ever stop being a Jew according to our tradition and Jewish law, there are some basic minimums each Jew must uphold to be considered a Jew who is still part of the community.
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Jihadism + Nazism

November 2023:The passing down of Nazi ideology from the Muslim Brotherhood to the more modern-day Islamist organizations truly casts the entire region heavily, and depressingly, under Hitler’s shadow. But it also presents a ray of hope.
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