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Raz Chen + Elke Weiss

Raz Chen is a Krav Maga and Anti-Violence Expert living in New York. He is the CEO of Aviir and a lead instructor of GSD (Guardian Self-Defense). He writes on security and martial arts for Black Belt Magazine and other publications and hosts seminars nationally and internationally on safety issues. Previously, Raz was the Senior Military Instructor for Israel’s 900th Infantry Division. Elke Weiss is a real estate attorney and writer. Currently a Glass Fellow for the Anti-Defamation League, she serves on the board of charities dealing with Zionism, mental health, street safety, and Holocaust education. Her work is featured in blogs, magazines, newspapers, and poetry anthologies.

Houses of Worship: Safety Checks

March 2023:Houses of worship are intended to be open places where people feel welcome to enter. Some also might minister to people with mental health conditions, making it hard to know which people are in need and which are a danger to the congregation. Turning the place into a fortress defeats the purpose of having such a place. However, that doesn’t mean we can ignore security concerns.
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