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Garrett Lee Rutledge

Garrett Rutledge worked in public communication strategy around security and defense issues. Garrett sometimes writes for The Herald of Everett, WA. He lives with his wife and two children in an idyllic corner of the Pacific Northwest.

Islamism, Marxism + The West

June 2024:That the left has forgotten that Jews originated in Judea and that every group that arrived in the Roman colony of Palestine during and after the first century should only be regarded as colonial transplants is Orwellian.
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Palestinianism as Counter-Myth + Islamist Cloak

September 2022:The truest thing that can be said about Palestinianism is this: if not for Zionism, Palestinianism would not exist—namely, the reconstitution of the national home of the Jewish people. And where Zionism is the spontaneous national liberation movement of a people whose connection to the land predates antiquity and modernity alike, Palestinianism was imposed upon Arabs who resided in what was once the colony of Palestine.
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A Remembrance of Eternal Truth

July 2022:If nothing comes from nothing, then truth, like matter, must be constant. The pursuit of these constant or unchanging truths is, or should be, the shared cause of philosophy and science as it relates to the physical world.
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