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Dmitri Shufutinsky

Dmitri Shufutinsky is a graduate of Arcadia University's master’s program in International Peace & Conflict Resolution. He made aliyah to Kibbutz Erez through Garin Tzabar in 2019. Dmitri is an ardent Zionist and a supporter of indigenous rights, autonomy, solidarity, and sovereignty. He currently lives in Hadera, and is a veteran of the IDF.

‘Die by Suicide’: Averting an American Nightmare

October 2023:The politics of hate, demonization of the opposition, and grievances can animate and mobilize political armies for a number of years, but they do nothing to form a common national vision and identity on which future generations can build. They lead us to the precipice of a second Civil War.
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The Ramaswamy Trilogy

September 2023:Vivek’s trilogy of books can be useful for understanding how wokeness has penetrated American businesses and allowed the victimhood mentality to spread. It can also serve as a warning: that being a political outsider and successful businessman doesn’t make a good conservative politician.
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Black Excellence Is Not White Supremacy

June 2023:The Woke Dogma of modern times tells us that “being on time,” “correct math” and “research” are White Supremacist. This is uncannily similar to the Reconstruction-era racism that forbade African Americans to get an education.
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The Old Anti-Semitism is New Again

March 2023:It is imperative that we pay attention to the resurgence of Neo-Nazi ideology not just due to its increasing normalization in certain conservative spaces in the U.S., but because it can once again infect all of Western civilization.
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Is Realist Theory Still Relevant?

March 2023:International Relations theory has often upheld Realism as the best and most useful way to understand foreign affairs. In the aftermath of the messy 2010s and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, perhaps this no longer holds weight.
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The End of Major Political Parties

January 2023:Everyone knows that chaos provides a void to be filled. It is high time that classical liberals fill that void once more and establish a new and more just order—yet this requires vanquishing the inequalities so valued by Neo-Marxism and alt-right politics.
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Modern Black Anti-Semitism Rounds Out the Horseshoe

December 2022:Anti-Semitism found in modern African-American communities ties together the two fringe extremes on the Horseshoe Theory, incorporating ultranationalist, Islamist, and Marxist ideas into its own Replacement Theory.  When people ask me what I think about Kanye West in light of the rapper’s recent anti-Semitic statements, I usually say that I’ve known he was a buffoon […]
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Label CAIR a Hate Group

January 2022:The same way that the Jewish Defense League (JDL), Westboro Baptist Church, and other such organizations have been labeled as terror groups or ostracized as bigoted organizations, so, too, should CAIR.
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The Liberal International Order is Over

February 2022:The U.S. may be the epicenter of the decline of the very liberal international order that it founded. Political leaders domestically ... worry more about non-binary bathrooms and renaming schools than they do about U.S. credibility abroad.
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Putin Brings Out the Horseshoe Theory

April 2022:It seems that Putin and his reprehensible invasion has put on display the Horseshoe Theory for all to see. The Horseshoe Theory posits that the two political extremes (far-right and far-left) are much closer in ideology to each other than they are to their mainstream moderate political wings (center-right and center-left).
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