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Navin Sinha

Navin Sinha is a Computer Science researcher. His work in Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence coupled with his exploration of Indian Spirituality provided first-hand experience into the ways humans function, from the cognitive to meta-cognitive level. His company, ReInvent, examines how people think, learn, and solve problems. Deeply passionate about the world and how it is being shaped through propaganda and ignorance rather than through truth and wisdom, Navin has endeavored to explore and share the ways our minds respond to what we perceive. His blog series "Behind Pretty Masks" has been widely acknowledged for covering topics with candor and a commitment to truth.

The Elegance of True Non-Conformity

April 2024:It is not uncommon for Jihadis to create an international outrage, debate, and narrative around human rights, brotherhood, right to religion, etc. They get people engaged in loud debates around these while they silently indulge in their favorite hobbies of severing heads and blasting bombs.
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The Sound of the Divine

April 2024:In this write-up, we explore the world of Rudra Veena with one of its greatest contemporary exponents, Vidushi Jyoti Hegde. Jyoti Hegde is the first female exponent of this grandiose instrument.
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The Strings of the Divine: Orchestrating the Cosmos

February 2024:J. Robert Oppenheimer carried a huge fascination for the Indian scripture “Bhagvad Gita.” Looking at the fireball of the explosion of the test nuclear bomb, Trinity, he exclaimed a quote from the book: “Now I am become the Death, the destroyer of worlds.” (Video reference) Oppenheimer was not the only scientist of the modern era […]
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The Canvas of The Divine

January 2024:In this edition, we explore the finer intricacies of Indian art and spirituality through the paintings and poetry of Lakshmi Ambady, an artist based out of Bangalore.
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The Wolf + The Fox

November 2023:This poem is an exposition of an ideology that is often accepted as an embodiment of “universal brotherhood” and “peace,” but if you dig deep into the history, you would find that most exponents of this ideology considered themselves warriors of Jihad, and the primary role it has played in history is to serve as a pretty mask for extremism, terrorism, and Jihad.
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The Flow of Divine

January 2024:Jayeeta has woven disparate yarns of themes, stories and movements which are very Indian and very Kathak, with the surreality of Western classical music to create a confluence which is absolutely sacred.
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A Journey into Indian Art + Spirituality

September 2023:In Indian spiritualism, you just can't escape God. Even turning away from God is a path to God. A total disbelief in and denial of an anthropomorphic form of God is a valid path to God too. In the Hindu point of view, you cannot escape God because, God is all there is.
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The Giant Canvas

July 2022:What if, We were given a giant canvas,And the freedom,To find our own space on it, Move on to whichever corner of the canvas we wished to,Splash the colors of our choice,Shape up the shapes that fascinate us,Create our own masterpiece,Every moment of our lives? But … What if,We were not alone in this? What […]
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July 2022:Pitch Darkness.Instantly turned toA majestic sun-shine.I just had to,Open my eyes.
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An Ode To Woman

February 2022:One could exist, just breathe and live,Do what needs to be done.Or one could live a splendid life,That adds an awe, a stun. One could only do as much,That’s required to get through.Well, that is how I would be,But that is just not you. You never let anything be,A piece of trifling.You live life as […]
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