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Irina Tsukerman

Irina Tsukerman, Esq., a human rights and national security lawyer dedicated to actionable analysis, is the Editor in Chief of The Washington Outsider and President of Scarab Rising, Inc.

How Feminists in the West Lost the Plot on Freedom

February 2022:“Freedom to me means having the option to choose your own path” – said Madina Hamidi, an Afghan-Belgian model, refugee, and human rights activist, speaking on a panel about women’s rights in Afghanistan after the Taliban’s return. Hamidi’s father had been killed by the Taliban, and the family fled to Europe. The hope was that […]
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The Self-Destructive Politics of Deception

September 2021:Years from now, historians may still be arguing about what were the root and the proximate causes of the botched Afghanistan withdrawal by the United States. Was it incompetence? Corruption? Lack of accurate information? Political miscalculation? Some combination of the above? While all these factors may have contributed to the disturbing chain of events that […]
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