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Joshua Washington

Joshua David Washington is the Executive Director of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI), an organization dedicated to strengthening the relationship between Israel, the Jewish people, and people of African descent through education and advocacy. He is also a professional composer and musician with a degree in music composition.

Knocking on G-d’s Door: The Heart of True Activism

April 2024:The essence of activism and advocacy isn’t a fundraising and marketing game. It isn’t staying up to date on the latest social media trends. It isn’t avoiding certain truths as to not lose donor dollars, and it isn’t a popularity contest. It is knocking on G-d’s door.
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State of Freedom

September 2022:A man has found himself between Being alive and being free He looks his captor in the face Says “I’ll be buried in my grave. Before you put me in those chains, You can put me in the ground”
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To Life: Dispelling the Myths, Part I

June 2022:According to all the history we have before us, making abortions illegal will not cause more women to die from obtaining them illegally. And of course abortion will not be illegal in every state. The decision is simply going back to the states.
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To Life

December 2021:Of all of the pro-abortion talking points, only one seems to be the most honest to their cause, and that is the argument of personhood; is the fetus a human being, does it have value, and is it worth protecting? These are the questions to which pro-abortion advocates tend to resoundingly answer “no.” This is […]
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On Fatherhood

March 2021:One of the most important jobs any man can have on earth is being a father. This is not an exclusion of mothers, but an appeal to a society that tends to undervalue men and the role they play as fathers specifically. As a black American, knowing the statistics on fatherlessness in the black community, […]
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