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Michael Williams

Michael Williams is a poet and an aspiring novelist living in Anchorage, Alaska. A convert to Roman Catholicism, his politics are radically egalitarian, which go hand-in-hand with his cultural conservatism. He is quite fond of whiskey, dark beer, and every Asian cuisine he can think of. When not writing or too frequently watching movies, he reads history books, poetry, 19th and early-20th century novels, and devotional works. Convivial to a fault, he spends as much time as he can conversing with his friends and in acquiring new ones. He has previously been published in the Saint Austin Review, the New English Review, and the Catholic Anchor.

Biden, the ‘Palestinians,’ + the Taylor Force Act

September 2022:Recently President Biden made a trip to the Middle East to visit both Israel and Saudi Arabia. In truth, the stop-off in Israel probably wasn’t meant to accomplish much, but Biden was forced to make sure he stopped, make some promises, shake some hands, and then move on. Why was he compelled to stop for […]
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