The higher and more distant the ideal
the greater the power to exalt the soul
Ahad HaAm

‘Transcendence’ explores the deep connection between beauty and spirituality. By combining images and music from different cultures and periods, the exhibition shows the universality of aesthetics, as well as its power to elevate and unite, to transcend differences. At a time when we are each being reduced to our differences, ‘Transcendence’ uses art to honor the individual soul—to create a path back to seeing that, as Rabbi Jonathan Sacks put it, “in our uniqueness lies our universality.”

Revelations, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Nan Melville
‘Kidana Maharat,’ Dor Kedmi
‘Simonides,’ Yuval Yairi
‘Petit Palais,’ Charles Girault
‘Ethiopia,’ Cyril Christo
‘Agamon Hula: Chaos,’ Tzachi Yaffe
‘Saffron,’ Anila Quayyum Agha; photo by Sam Simon
‘Tel Aviv-Jaffa,’ Eldad Rafaeli
‘Badoer-Giustiniani Chapel,’ Venice, Danilo Scarpati 
‘Baby Birds,’ Youssef Ammar
City of Shadows, Alexis Titeranko
Salam, Abdul Aziz
The Hole, Batsheva Dance Theater, Gadi Dagon
Domes of Jerusalem, Iris Cohenian
‘L’abbaye de Sénanque,’ Richard Boileau
Muscat’s Grande Mosque, David Vazquez
Over the Rainbow & What a Wonderful World  Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
The Arrival (Take Me Home)
L’abbaye du Thoronet, Provence, David Heald