The Muhammad al-Dura Hoax (September, 2000)

One of the most dramatic political shifts that occurred during the latter half of the 20th century was the change in the attitude of the Western left towards the Arab-Israeli conflict, and their near universal adoption of the Palestinian-Arab narrative, particularly their claim to perpetual victimhood, complete purity, and total righteousness. These changes occurred in three distinct phases — during the Six-Day War and its immediate aftermath, after the two Intifadas, and with the development of modern day “Pallywood” propaganda in the early 21st century, which most notably began with the Muhammad al-Durrah incident.     

The Western left remains obsessed with condemning Israel, above other nations, for engaging in nothing other than self-defense, despite the massive number of conflicts in the world. 
David Ben-Gurion declared the reestablishment of the State of Israel on 5 Iyar 5708 / May 14, 1948. What could possibly be more progressive than an indigenous people once again reclaiming national sovereignty in their historic homeland after two thousand years? Initially, the Western left was supportive of the early state, especially since the Yishuv leading up to this time was of a socialist, community-minded bent, heavily focused upon rebuilding the land through kibbutzim, or collective farming communities.

What could possibly be more progressive than an indigenous people once again reclaiming national sovereignty in their historic homeland after two thousand years?

Immediately after Ben-Gurion’s declaration, all of Israel’s neighboring Arab countries attacked the new state militarily, along with Iraq and Yemen. Israel won the war and maintained its independence. The underdog overcame great odds.

Israel is still a tiny country of roughly nine million people, outnumbered in population by a factor of about 45-to-1, by the same countries that tried to wipe them off the face of the earth. Israel possesses well under one percent of the land in the region, has no desire for expansion. In fact, Israel has often tried to trade even more of its land for peace, to no avail.

So what has changed? Why has the clear underdog, simply fighting for its survival, suddenly become Goliath in the eyes of the Western left? How did “Palestinianism” take such a strong hold upon those who profess to support social justice and all the rest of the nice-sounding buzzwords of the progressive movement?

In the days leading up to the first week of June in 1967, Egypt, under their Soviet-supported president Gamal Abdel Nasser, closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping, ejected United Nations military observers from the buffer area in which they had been charged with keeping the peace since the 1956 Suez Canal crisis, and began building up a large and threatening military presence of their own right on Israel’s southern border.

In response, Israel took the initiative and, refusing to wait for the inevitable invasion, set their own timeline and wiped out the Egyptian Air Force in a matter of hours while also taking control of matters on the ground. Other neighboring Arab states, including Egypt’s two primary allies, Jordan and Syria, soon entered the fight. The war ended in six days. It was a swift and stunning Israeli victory that resulted in the liberation of Judea and Samaria, which had been occupied by Jordan since the end of the 1948 War of Independence. That traditional Jewish heartland had been ethnically-cleansed of all Jews during that period, as had the eastern section of Jerusalem, in which Jews have lived for much longer than the English people have lived in London, or the French people have lived in Paris, and certainly far longer than today’s American people have lived in Washington.

Taking a brief step back, it must be noted that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was founded at the behest of the Soviet KGB three years prior to the Six-Day War, in 1964. Arguably the PLO could not have thrived in its current form under the guise of the Palestinian Authority, without funding and support from the Soviet Union. The USSR took up, and helped manufacture, the “Arab-Palestinian” cause after Israel ultimately proved unwilling to be a Soviet client state. However, it was the period following the 6-Day War that the Western left slowly switched sides and bought into the Arab narrative of colonial victimhood before the bayonets of militaristic “white Jews.” The “progressive paradox” here in which non-Native American Western leftists who, for example, live on Lenni Lenape lands in places like New Jersey, while criticizing Jews for living in their historic and indigenous homeland, should not be ignored.

Asking exactly what the PLO was seeking to “liberate” at that time, when the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan could have allowed the Palestinian-Arabs to create a state of their own in Judea and Samaria, would be a fair question. Yet the authorities of the Kingdom never allowed the Palestinian-Arabs the right to self-determination, because it has always been pretty obvious that the entire point of this exercise is to delegitimize the very existence of the one tiny Jewish state in the world, not to make Jordan smaller.

The USSR took up, and helped manufacture, the “Arab-Palestinian” cause after Israel ultimately proved unwilling to be a Soviet client state.

So now we come back to the question of why, and how, the Western left began to sympathize with those who targeted civilians and supported suicide bombers? The “underdog” status had swiftly changed, and Israel began to lose sympathy for because she was  succesful at self-defense.     

In return, the Palestinian-Arabs invented car-suicide bombings, such as the 1993 Beit-El attack. From there, they went on to become ever-more inventive right up until the 2001 Jerusalem Sbarro suicide bombing, which resulted in the deaths of 15 people. 7 children were murdered, as was a pregnant woman. The Western left didn’t care. And the woman who was behind it, Ahlam Tamimi, now lives free as a celebrity in Jordan, even though the United States currently seeks her extradition to face charges for the murder of 15-year old Malki Roth in that terrorist attack.

This is tragically the new normal. The left does what it does, with little consistency or principle, at least when it comes to the issue of Jewish rights in the Land of Israel.

Stepping back in time, and we note that that the German left, in particular, possessed a serious motivation to not replicate the sins of their previous generation. Nevertheless, there was a homicidal attack upon Jews in Germany during the 1972 Olympics in Munich, which ended up with two Israelis immediately murdered, and nine others held hostage and tortured before also being killed, not long after the world “promised” that this would never happen again.

So how did we end up with “Palestinianism” as the overwhelmingly accepted narrative amongst the Western left?

It is due to the lies and foreign-sponsored terrorism of people, “Palestinian” or otherwise, who are trying to snatch away the rights of the Jewish people to live freely in their indigenous homeland.

The false “Palestinian” narrative needs to be challenged. The Palestinian-Arabs are people who need to be respected and accepted in their host countries, which have constantly engaged in discrimination against them. They are not indigenous to the Land of Israel, however. 

This is a fact that the Western left needs to understand.     
We need to recognize, acknowledge and accept the basic fact that the Jews have a right to a nation in the Land of Israel. Arabs are indigenous to Arab lands, particularly Saudi Arabia. Both peoples should live together in peace. But we don’t need the Western left to continue to pour fuel on the fire as they toast their marshmallows while cheering on an endless conflict between both peoples. One in which they ultimately have no stake other than demonstrating their virtues and righteousness to each other, while both peoples continue to suffer.