Darkness swirls like a storm
Rapid and relentless, consuming

Passage of time blurred
By monotony stretched endlessly

It’s easy to lose one’s way
Like a boat with water far as the eye can see

Every day a survival
One after another

Not unlike a weary stranded traveler
Simply putting one foot before another

Exhausted yet holding on
Attempting not to fall

Unsure if one fell
If they could get back up again

In such a time
It’s easy to lose sight

Of what life is
Of what possibilities await

As important as ever
To find that light in the darkness

To follow it
Like your personal North Star

Knowing what else may come
What challenges might seem as obstacles

It is the constant you can follow
The light that will always guide you home

So that with each step
Rather than stumble in exhaustion

You will instead find firmer footing
Eyes bright with clarity

That what seemed interminable
Is as passing and fleeting as melting snow

So that when tomorrow’s sun rises
You may meet it with purpose and vigor

That your voice may for another
Bring light into the world chasing away darkness