Stand up for true liberalism or bow down to fascism – opinion

MAY 6, 2021: No progress ever stems from lies, violence and cowardice. What elevates and what destroys is the question that every generation has faced, and right now we are allowing the destroyers free rein.

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In this age of leftist illiberalism, I’m standing up for the truth

MAY 7, 2021: When the history of this period is written, it will include people who resorted to violence when nonviolence would have moved mountains; people who resorted to lies when they had the truth on their side; people who watched silently when their bravery was needed.


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March 17, 2021: A consensus has emerged on the right and the left, among the regressive populists and the progressive populists: liberals are the villains


The Need for Classic Liberal Values

by Karen Lehrman Bloch

In 1942, a group of students at the University of Munich formed an intellectual resistance group called the WeiBe Rose — White Rose. The group’s aim was to urge Germans to resist and overturn the Nazi regime; in the process, they exposed the Nazis’ crimes for all the world to see.

Led by Hans Scholl, his sister Sophie, Alexander Schmorell, and Christoph Probst, the group distributed leaflets throughout Germany, and engaged in other acts of sabotage and resistance, such as writing “Freedom” and “Down with Hitler” on walls throughout Munich.