Truth is the Foundation, the Bedrock
The Seminal Seed
It is the Pathway, the Direction
Paved by footsteps of the Freed

Truth is The Harmony, Melody
Every note of Song
It is Unity, Community
That which we Belong

Truth is the Wisdom, the Knowing
The unspoken Within
It is Inspiration, First Cause,
From which all must Begin

Truth is Light, Unfiltered
Unreflected and Pure
It is the Disease, the Pain
As well as the Cure

Truth is Justice, The Judge
Its proponents and Pursuit
It is a Good Deed, it’s Thought
The enemy of the Mute

Truth is Fire, the Illuminance
The kindling and the Stone
It is dangerous yet Healing
Will sear from its Throne

Truth is unyielding, Unbending
All knowing and Fixed
It is the exposure of Bias
From which all lies are Mixed

Truth is Sacred, Holy
Eternal and Clean
It is Accepting yet Unforgiving
All comers will it Redeem

Truth is unambiguous in its Distance
Between Self-Doubt and Potential
One word, the “Emet”
But unmistakably Reverential

Truth is Kindness, Unselfish 
An all encompassing Love
Acknowledge and Acquiesce
Thus be Blessed from Above

Truth Is