We remember with sorrow
Blessed memories of souls taken too soon

Their blood runs in our veins
Their souls speak wisdom known inherently

We remember never to forget
The violence and hate that our people faced

It’s not a story unique to our history
Though it stands still in time for the price we paid

Not for actions or words
But for hate of who we are, for our existence

The rationalizations and lies
May for a time go dormant but they never die

We remember and mourn
But we are not weak nor do knees tremble

Instead it’s in their memory we stand
This day and all other days alike

We stand and carry on in light
Unwilling to lose our selves in another’s hate

We remember them through memorials
Yet perhaps even more still through courage

Courage that echoes the way they never bowed
In the face of the might of the Third Reich

Courage to exist in security
In the ancient home of our ancestors

Strength to say with steady voice
So clearly that it rings out in the night

We are here and live
Long after those who would see us gone

Fortitude to know
We’ll be here long after those who seek it now

That clear voice declares for all to hear
Am Yisrael Chai